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Romantic Songs for Couple

Music is always become a crucial part in movies to approach the moment we want. You can also take the advantage from the magic of music and lyrics to bring the moment as you like. For example, you can turn on dynamic music to increase your spirit. Some people even need music to help them [...]

Kelly Clarkson – A Moment Like This Lyrics

It can’t be denied that Kelly Clarkson deserves to be the first American Idol. Her great talent has hypnotized thousands of music lover to love her beautiful voice. She has got her opportunity to show her talent in the music business and she proved that she deserves the chance.

A Whole New World OST. Aladdin

Aladdin is a best known animated movie published in 1992 by Walt Disney Pictures. The story in this movie is based on the Arabian folk tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp in one thousand and one nights. The primary character in this movie is a poor and kind-hearted young man named Aladdin and a [...]

A Song for You, The Carpenters

Carpenters is a vocal and instrumental duo that consists of siblings named Karen And Richard Carpenter. They created this duo in 1970 and made hits with their soft musical style. The combination of Karen’s beautiful vocal and Richards’ musical talent created a different musical style. The cooperation of the sibling gave them a success in [...]

Love Songs Kenny roger

Born in Texas on 21 August 1938, Kenny Rogers and his 7 brother grew up in the poorest areas in the city. Kenny began to recognize the music when the high school after joining serious rock band “The Scolar.” Kenny Rogers music career began to shine in 1966 when he joined the Folk music group [...]

Love Song Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is a singer, songwriter, pianist and the origin of the United States. Until now, Sara Bareilles has released 2 albums, namely studios “careful Confessions,” and “Little Voiceā€¯, the song entitled “Love Song” is on her album titled “Little Voice”, since high school, he had joined the school choir and active in various activities [...]

Utada Hikaru – Prisoner Of Love lyrics

Utada Hikaru – Prisoner Of Love lyrics I’m a prisoner of love Prisoner of love Just a prisoner of love I’m just a prisoner of love A prisoner of love Heiki na kao de uso wo tsuite Waratte iyake ga sashite Raku bakari shiyou to shite ita Naimononedari BURU-SU Mina yasuragi wo motomete iru Michitariteru [...]

Utada Hikaru – First Love Lyrics

first love lyrics – utada hikaru Saigo no kisu wa Tabako no flavor ga shita Nigakute setsunai kaori Ashita no imagoro niwa Anata wa doki ni irun darou Dare wo omotterun darou You are always gonna be my love Itsuka dareka to mata koi ni ochitemo I’ll remember to love You taught me how You [...]

G. Love & Special Sauce

With Beck’s unexpected commercial breakthrough, everyone’s suddenly interested in a new kind of music best described as “slacker-rap.” Although it uses the sing-song cadences of hip-hop, it’s the polar opposite of gangsta rap; in both its laid-back delivery and self-deprecating lyrics, slacker-rap acknowledges vulnerability and failure. It was done first and best by Washington’s Basehead, [...]