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So sick of love songs lyrics by Alyssa/V

Again, love song drives pros and cons opinion as some people think that love songs are meaningless while others think that love songs are romantic. Love songs have had certain fans regardless those who don’t like these songs. In fact, love songs will always deal with the words I and you. The choice of words […]

Paul McCartney Silly Love Songs Lyrics

What comes up in your mind when you hear a love song? You might have noticed that lately there are lots of love songs which the lyrics remain the same. All love songs seem to talk about being fall in love and broken hearted. This fact makes some people feel bored and exhausted causing them […]

Vanessa Williams the Everlasting Love songs

Who is never hears about Vanessa Williams?, there are much of great love songs have been created by this talented woman, She born in 18 March 1963, she is not only a singer but she is also an actress, she is the first woman which have black skin that get Miss America award, since little […]

Love Songs & Poetry – John Denver

18 romantic & poetic tracks, both originals & covers, that the beloved late singer cut for RCA between 1972-1985. Includes ‘For Baby (For Bobbie)’, written about Bobbie Worgo, his first serious love from the early ’60s, plus ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes Tonight’, Roy Orbison’s ‘Claudette’, ‘The Music Is You’ and much more. 1998 Camden release. […]

You Are There – Roberta Gambarini

Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Roberta Gambarini is one of the most heralded talents of her generation. Following her impressive debut, Easy to Love, Gambarini finds herself in her ideal environment as a duet partner with the legendary pianist, Hank Jones singing songs which help to define the jazz cannon. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs, Ballads and Standards – Irvin Mayfield

14. tracks with neal caine, jaz sawyer and the louisiana philharmonic orchestra. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs by Marty Robbins

Love Songs by Marty Robbins. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs by Dionne Warwic

Import exclusive compilation not to be confused with the 16 track Rhino compilation of the same name. 16 tracks, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘After You’, ‘I’ll Never Love This Way Again’, ‘How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye’ (W/ Luther Vandross), ‘No Night So Long’, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’, ‘Love Power’, ‘Reservations For Two’, ‘Run To […]

There Is Love (the Wedding Songs)

There Is Love (the Wedding Songs)  by There Is Love. View product details at Amazon