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You Are There – Roberta Gambarini

Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Roberta Gambarini is one of the most heralded talents of her generation. Following her impressive debut, Easy to Love, Gambarini finds herself in her ideal environment as a duet partner with the legendary pianist, Hank Jones singing songs which help to define the jazz cannon. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs, Ballads and Standards – Irvin Mayfield

14. tracks with neal caine, jaz sawyer and the louisiana philharmonic orchestra. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs by Marty Robbins

Love Songs by Marty Robbins. View product details at Amazon

Love Songs by Dionne Warwic

Import exclusive compilation not to be confused with the 16 track Rhino compilation of the same name. 16 tracks, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘After You’, ‘I’ll Never Love This Way Again’, ‘How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye’ (W/ Luther Vandross), ‘No Night So Long’, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’, ‘Love Power’, ‘Reservations For Two’, ‘Run To [...]

There Is Love (the Wedding Songs)

There Is Love (the Wedding Songs)  by There Is Love. View product details at Amazon

Greatest Love Songs

Greatest Love Songs by Joe Cocker. View product details at Amazon

Disney’s Greatest Love Songs by Disney

2008 collection of songs for the heart from those fine Disney films we all cherish. 30 sensational Disney classics featuring all original recordings from the films including ‘True Love’s Kiss’ from the box office hit Enchanted as well as songs from Aladdin, Snow White, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid [...]

Dino! Italian Love Songs by Dean Martin

Dino had already left Capitol for Frank Sinatra’s Reprise label by the time this album came out in February 1962, but it proved to be the most successful album he recorded for Capitol. Why? Simply put, nobody, but nobody, ever did Italian pop songs like Dean Martin. The man had been singing these songs his [...]

Songs of Love and Hate

Songs of Love and Hate by Leonard Cohen. View product details at Amazon