Love Songs of the ’70s by Donny Osmond

Love Songs of the '70s - Donny Osmond
There were some nights during his triumphant starring run as the villainous Gaston in the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast when Donny Osmond’s mind was racing. No, he wasn’t trying to remember his next line; rather, he was thinking about the album he was in the process of recording. Backstage. In his dressing room. “It was totally bizarre” he laughs. “I would perform my role onstage, and then I would run back to my dressing room and fix a vocal I didn’t like. Sometimes it was just a word; other times it was an entire verse or chorus.

The album is called Love Songs of the 70s, and once you hear it, you’ll know why. Donny gave it his all — he could perform vocals to completed musical tracks in his dressing room whenever he liked, a ritual he followed each afternoon — and, as it so happened, some nights as well. Describing himself as a “Type-A perfectionist,” Donny admits his that work habits might have confounded his co-stars. “But when a record means as much as this one, you do whatever it takes to make it special.
True to its title, Love Songs of the 70s is a collection of some of the most memorable romantic pop and R&B ballads of a golden, multi-platinum era. Just a casual glance at some of the songs will transport listeners back to a special place in their lives: “Laughter in the Rain,” “Oh, Girl,” “If,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “How Deep Is Your Love,” “You Are So Beautiful,” — these are some of the priceless selections Donny has chosen for this remarkable set. “That’s what’s so amazing about these songs,” says Donny. “They’re time capsules, capable of moving you in so many powerful ways. What’s more, if a song is truly a classic, as these certainly are, their importance grows through the decades because of what you, the listener, bring to them. I’ve always loved hearing these songs, and I especially love singing them. View product details at Amazon

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